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We deep-dive into the DNA of your organisation to create unique and practical blueprints for success




As trusted partners, who understand your organisation, we can create practical blueprints that are uniquely yours and simple to implement 



Our unique Diagnostic DeepDive involves a hands-on holistic assessment that examines the ‘DNA’ of your organisation and navigates the path to root cause resolution.

Our DeepDive process forms the initial stage of any engagement with RPE

Our tailored coaching programs are designed to drive measurable and tangible impacts that demonstrate a marked difference.

We work to create agile structures, highly capable teams and an appreciation for continuous evolution to set your organisation up for sustainable success

We engage with your business to align people, productivity and performance through a variety of services and bespoke diagnostics 

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 Founder and Principal Coach

Marcella is an authentic leader with a passion for seeing people and teams thrive through impactful coaching and transformational change programs that link to productivity and performance with a direct bottom line impact. Currently leading her own Company for many successful years, coupled with her Commercial/People Management experience across large public retail industries, Marcella is a well-respected thought leader with a proven history of transforming businesses through their strongest asset; their people.

Marcella's unique approach of genuinely listening, immersing herself into understanding the DNA of clients and pragmatically working through simple solutions for sustained success, has allowed her to secure industry-leading clients that continue to access her bespoke services and coaching programs. 


Whilst running a successful business is a key achievement, Marcella’s love of family and friends has always kept her in balance and true to herself.


Marcella brings a great depth of value with qualifications and associations including:

  • B. Commerce, major in HR/IR 

  • Human Synergistics LSI Consultant 

  • Certified member, Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD)

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General Manager:
Transformation and Design

Strongly motivated by driving results that are sustainable and tangible, Carmelina has a passion for developing innovative ideas and approaches for transformative blueprints. She takes a planned, systematic approach to improving organisational effectiveness– one that aligns strategy, people and processes.

The key to her success is her ability to develop relationships and credibility with key stakeholders and swiftly connect commercial outcomes to all initiatives she drives. With experience across extremely diverse environments, Carmelina thrives on change, is strongly adaptive and embraces new ideas. She is particularly passionate about technology, innovation and harvesting new concepts and products for RPE.


Carmelina loves engaging with others and working collaboratively to desired goals.

Carmelina is passionate about remaining current and relevant with her qualifications including: 

  • Bachelor of Psychology with a Diploma in education

  • Certificate IV Training and Assessment

  • Human Synergistic LSI Consultant 




Research & Insights Advisor

Paulina shares a passion for people and processes in business, placing research at the core of her approach towards innovative solutions. 


She values the methods of critical thinking and analysis, finding avenues to apply literature and publishings in ‘best practice’ to practical problems. She particularly enjoys seeing solutions backed by industry research being implemented in businesses and continues to build a repertoire of commercial knowledge with every project she undertakes.

Paulina is currently completing a Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) majoring in Management and Psychology and thrives on opportunity to blend both of the disciplines where possible. 

She is motivated by the ability to support commercial individuals and businesses on their growth journey and continues to inform the formulation of ideas and strategies with both theoretical and practical concepts. 


We see ourselves as Discovery Partners on a shared journey to your destination of success. This journey is unique for everyone and that is why we put such a strong focus on our Deep-Dive approach - this is where we get to know the real you and you get to know real us!

As a team we believe that true transformation occurs when you focus on the foundations and re-build from there. 


RPE supported us in redefining the role of HR within our organisation. As an example, Marcella and the team helped bring structure and process to talent acquisition. This has resulted in improving the level of support we are providing an already capable team during a period of organic growth. RPE have also been non-emotive and partisan in assessing opportunities for improvement – they have helped restore the credibility of the HR brand. Their disciplined and project management based approach ensures value for money as initiatives are closed out. Marcella has also been a voice of reason and support when required.


—  Adam Machon  CEO

| Contract Resources 


We value our clients and their appreciation for our work. They drive our inspiration for change.  Hear about how we partnered with them on their journey of transformation.  

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