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As trusted partners, who understand your organisation, we can create practical blueprints that are uniquely yours and simple to implement 



Our unique Diagnostic DeepDive involves a hands-on holistic assessment that examines the ‘DNA’ of your business and navigates the path to root cause resolution.

Our DeepDive process forms the initial stage of any engagement with RPE

Our tailored coaching programs are designed to drive measurable and tangible impacts that demonstrate a marked difference.

We work to create agile structures, highly capable teams and an appreciation for continuous evolution to set your business up for sustainable success

We engage with your business to align people, productivity& performance through a variety of services and bespoke diagnostics 

Our unique Diagnostic DeepDive involves a hands-on holistic assessment that examines the ‘DNA’ of your business and navigates the path to root cause resolution. 


When you engage RPE, we perform an initial DeepDive as a way to:

  • Connect and understand each other 

  • Uncover your organisation’s core challenges and opportunities across Strategy, Structure, People and Process 

  • Ensure the bespoke blueprint for change is truly aligned to your the defined outcomes of success.


As your diagnostic partners we engage through;

  • Key stakeholder interviews 

  • Bespoke Survey Diagnostics 

  • Best practice industry analytics 

  • Observation and focus groups and;

  • Leadership capability assessments 



With our expertise, we partner swiftly, identify independently, diagnose efficiently and pragmatically recommend. 

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Individual Executive Coaching


As an experienced Executive Coach and Founder of RPE, Marcella Davis partners authentically and is passionate about seeing people reach, and even exceed, goals they never thought they could. The program is targeted to Senior Execs/ CEOs with an emphasis on those who have been newly appointed and uniquely tailored for the needs of the individual through the 3 key elements of our Coaching Model: Connection, Ownership and Destination.


Our belief of having a genuine connection to self and others followed by owning your destination are critical steps to transforming and reaching your version of success.


We take a 360 approach to driving individual transformation. We set goals that are measurable, tangible and that demonstrate a marked difference. 


We tie our own success to your goals.


The Executive Coaching program includes a “chemistry” catch up to assess personal dynamics and connection, followed by an agreed rhythm of 1.5 hr coaching sessions across 6-12 months. The program also includes a Leadership diagnostic and debrief, utilizing a market-leading assessment & development tool, Human Synergistics Lifestyle Inventory (LSI) - this is a great insight tool for generating self-awareness and forms the basis of a practical action plan for the program. Best practice models and readings are also shared throughout the program. 


Team Executive Coaching


Our leadership coaching program is centred around delivering measurable, tangible results for a collective leadership team. We believe that connected, focused and fit leadership teams are the drivers of organisational success and together can inspire their teams to do the same. 


Our 6-month program is designed for Senior leadership teams that are looking to find and maintain their optimum state, including teams;

  • That are newly formed 

  • With connectivity or interpersonal concerns 

  • That need to better balance strategic and operational focus

  • Desiring to be more agile and ready for change 


Whilst our program can be uniquely designed, we take a proven and fundamental approach to how we coach the program by;

  • Understanding the business strategy, future needs and top leadership goals/areas of focus

  • Diagnosing current state of play - We embark on a due diligence process that involves connecting and truly understanding each team member and the wider team dynamics. We use a combination of one-one meetings, internal observations, fact-finding and a number of best in class leadership assessments to uncover areas for growth. 

  • Pinpointing the team's collective purpose - the start of driving a unified, focused team direction

  • Developing and embedding a set of Guiding Principles - fundamental shared standards that encapsulate the unique way a leadership team needs to operate at their optimum

  • A bespoke set of workshops, one on one coaching and initiatives tailored to improving Effective Ways of Working and Leveraging Team Connectivity for Innovation and Delivery.


We value the importance of a qualitative approach to identifying and driving team performance. Our program has a bespoke way of measuring Leadership Impact which is formed as a baseline measure and is assessed periodically across the course of the program. This insight allows us to support areas of focus and ensure we are on track for success. Teams are also assessed using  Human Synergistics Group Styles Inventory™ (GSI) assessing team interaction and connectivity levels.

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We work to create agile structures, highly capable teams and an appreciation for continuous evolution to set your business up for sustainable success. 

We provide review and recommendations for optimising your operating structures based on the balance of;

  • Strategic vision and capability requirements for current and future success

  • Commercial objectives  

  • Market conditions and insights 


To ensure the successful embedment of new structures, we can deliver the following for your business; 

  • Job redesign and success profiling

  • Change & Communication Planning across the Business

  • Design and facilitation of change management workshops

  • Facilitation of rightsizing and restructure discussions and job impacts (redeployments, managed exits and redundancy)

  • Career Transition Management


An end to end grassroots review of your Business model, its capability to deliver and cost of operating for the best sustainable return. We focus on creating blueprints for an agile business, ready to perform in the current & future marketplace.


The Real People Equity rightsize methodology and People/ Capability expertise helps you and your business; 


  • Cost out strategically without cutting into ‘muscle’ 

  • Find the right roles, areas and people to optimise in the current model 

  • Understand opportunities to Scale within your business

  • Understand the right capabilities needed for current and future success 


Our blueprints are designed to be easily implemented and sustainably successful.

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We engage with your business to align people, productivity & performance through a variety of services and bespoke diagnostics including:

Bespoke survey diagnostics

Team Sentiment

Change Readiness and change program effectiveness 

Organizational Communication Effectiveness

Pre/Post Merger integration surveys 


Leadership Diagnostic tools (developed by Real People Equity) 


The ​Executive Agility Index: Targeted at Senior leadership Teams, it is an assessment tool that provides insight into core domains of Senior Leadership Agility  - Levels of Strategic Dexterity, Leadershioer impact styles and whole team connectivity 

The Adaptive Leadership Index: Targeted at Middle management, it is an assessment tool that delivers insights and awareness into individuals Adaptability to change and ability to take ownership and implement it well.

Personalised Integration Insights (PII)


A simple online tool that provides unique insight into how an individual best learns, connects and achieves to better support their successful onboarding and productive Integration into a new business and role

Development and Assessment of Productivity dashboards

Turnaround Programs & ROI measures

Human Capital Metrics

Business Case Metrics

Focus groups and skip-level meetings 


Success profiling for Key Leadership roles



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